About Us

Since the first establishment of Kotop-Miami in 2003, we subsequently opened our New York office in July of 2008. Our parent company is Hansoll Textile in Korea, and is one of the most successful manufacturers in the apparel industry around the world. With Hansoll's recent extension via the Kotop office in the States, we are capable of further tailoring your business needs at a higher rate of efficiency.

Hansoll Textile has excellent resources at its disposal, with ten self-owned/operated factories (603 lines with production capacity up to 34,920,000 pcs/month) in six different countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Guatemala and Nicaragua. We also employ partner factories capable of producing equivalent amounts of goods. Additionally, Hansoll owns and operates a dyeing factory located in Vietnam called 'Global Dyeing'. With production capacity as high as 120,000 kg per day, it is the second largest dyeing factory in Asia.

Being situated in the world's capital for Fashion and Commerce, Kotop has a tremendous advantage as most of our customers are one of America's leading retail giants. Our team caters to clients' needs through direct communication and by taking a results-driven approach to every objective at hand. We feel it is our collective responsibility to perform to their utmost satisfaction by carrying out their business objectives. Kotop Research & Development Team uses their knowledge and experience to collaborate with customers in conducting market research. Furthermore, their close relationship with local Graphic Design Houses enables us to personally assist buyers in bringing their concepts and ideas to life.

Our doors are always open for all our customers. We are confident in our ability to enhance the entire development process all the way through to bulk production. Hansoll and Kotop promise to continuously work pro-actively in order to successfully meet your standards and expectations.



One of the most important factors in apparel industry is about keeping up with current fashion trends. Our Kotop R&D Team conducts regular market research in New York, where all the best trends are born every day.

We also hold regular and sporadic meetings with customers to discuss any updates on styles, designs and suggest new ideas if required. Our customers' level of participation is completely at their discretion as it is our ultimate goal to help meet their end goals.

Our Design Teams at headquarters are divided into small groups. They are grouped into different seasons, gender and customer. Each group is in charge of their own presentation, meetings and also process samples and other matters. This division of teams allows for more efficient collaborative work between headquarters Design Team and Kotop R&D Team.

Kotop R&D Team focuses on graphic designs while working in collaboration with US-based graphic house. While acting as the connecting bridge between Hansoll and customers, we will continuously endeavor to build our business by adding new capabilities to move forward and stay at the forefront of apparel industry.


Major Customers